A circular economy is the road to zero emissions
The "Road to Zero" means several things to us: zero waste, zero net emissions, zero pollution, and zero excuses for taking responsibility for our impact. We are dedicated to empowering the circular economy through example, to transforming ourselves into a business for good, and working with people who share the Piana vision. This journey is not simply a goal—it’s why we exist.

At the heart of our sustainability mission is the Piana Promise. We offer innovative technologies that integrate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and next generation performance into everything we produce. These three guiding principles—Product, People, and Planet—fuel our journey forward.

The Piana Promise is what led us to pursue a circular economy throughout all E/Smart products. Circular by design, E/SMART is crafted using a singular, certified non-toxic, and recyclable material. From conception to end-of-life recovery, fibers are selected based on performance, material content, and recyclability to deliver a truly zero-waste product. When it’s time to upgrade, E/SMART can be sanitized and reshaped an infinite number of times into endless possibilities.

The circular
economy is the road to zero waste

100% recoverable at end-of-life, E/SMART can be sanitized, and re-shaped indefinitely

E/SMART reduces gas
emissions by over 70% compared to polyurethane foam

One goal of Piana Technology’s sustainability mission is to eliminate foam from all consumer products. It’s a tall order, but it’s necessary for the future of our planet. Our work centers on improving materials and protecting the natural environment by introducing new, innovative textiles. That means better health, lower emissions, and good business.

Our SMART technology is just one avenue in the sustainability journey. From our individual products to our facilities and the global communities we serve, we are dedicated to fostering a better world through innovative application of modern discoveries.

This is our road to ZERO