Uncommon Solutions to Common Problems
A Circular Economy
A circular economy — where textile technologies keep materials and products in circulation for as long as possible — is within reach. The technology exists. The threads exist.
Clean Technology
Clean water dyeing, non-toxic flame retardants, steam-molded fibers, antimicrobial bedding, 100% recyclable and reusable materials… they’re all here.
Sustainable Innovation
We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with fiber tech advancements. New technologies can change the way we talk about sustainability, regenerative textiles, single-use materials, and more.
Smart Sleep
It takes a lot of sleep to dream this big. We’re using Piana Smart™ Technologies to deliver the most incredible sleep experience with ultra-breathable, upgradeable, circular economy-driven sleep solutions
Our Values
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Since 1582 in Biella, Italy, we have been a family-owned business that treats with respect and attentiveness the employees, the customers, the community, and the environment.

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Growth is progress and improvement is neverending. We strive to create new and better solutions to common problems. When we invent technology that improves everyday life, the entire planet wins.

2 hands and a heart

We take our mission seriously and approach every challenge with unstoppable passion. We take pride in our team — uncommon individuals who are fully invested in bettering our world. This commitment fuels our drive to innovate.

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Creativity breeds innovation and we are an innovation powerhouse. We believe that non-linear thinking, diverse ideation, and always trying something new is how we can make the impossible possible.