The Piana family first opened business in Biella, Italy in 1582. From the Renaissance to the modern world, Piana has strived to develop solutions to common problems through textile innovations. In 1950, the family evolved to dyeing fiber for the traditional textile business. They opened their first US dye house in Cartersville, Georgia in 1995, inventing SaveDrop® technology. Today, Piana Technology is a multinational company tackling common problems with uncommon solutions. Today, Piana Technology makes the technology embedded in many everyday consumer products—from automotive to home furnishings—replacing conventional materials with socially and environmentally responsible technologies.

The Piana family focuses on five core areas:
- Nonwovens
- Fiber Treatment
- Digital Fiber Printing
- Sleep Products
- Fiber-based Steam Molding

Our baseline is a fully circular, truly sustainable global economy.


Under the Piana Techonlogy Umbrellla are five core businesses:

Piana nonwovens logo

Provides novel, high-loft nonwoven products for myriad applications, from traditional cross-lapped nonwovens to innovative, vertically-lapped, steam-moldable nonwovens that are 100% recyclable. Its digital printing technology can add benefits and functionality to the nonwovens in the form of molecules.

piana nonwovens factory
titnoria piana logo

Offers eco-conscious wet processing and fiber treatment: sustainable dyeing, bleaching, cationic cotton pre-treatment, flame retardant, hydrophilic and antimicrobial treatments for commercial and proprietary fibers.

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piana sleep logo

Redefines sleep and comfort with a range of ultra-breathable, technologically advanced sleep products powered by sustainable, 100% recyclable manufacturing and circular economy-driven systems.

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Piana Ecoplanet  factory imagepiana ecoplanet logo

Treats recycled fibers with a patented formaldehyde-free, nontoxic, closed-loop fire retardant chemistry, usable in multiple industries including automotive, bedding, and appliances.

Piana Shapes  factory imagepiana shapes logo

Reimagines manufacturing using patented steam-molding technology to turn Piana Technology’s sustainable, 100% recyclable nonwoven materials into complex geometries for countless applications.

Advanced performance fiber treatments

Fiber is a platform with which we explore and develop sustainable innovations.

Tintoria Piana U.S. specializes in dyeing and chemical treatments for all types of natural, synthetic, regenerated, and recycled fibers. We proudly serve the nonwoven industries and textile yarn manufacturers.

Our treatment methods and blending allow us to offer a homogenous treatment that outperforms most other methods of application. Our treatment patents allow us to focus on environmental sustainability in our processing and we offer multiple applications of treatments.

From bleaching to dyeing to cationic cotton pre-treatment, flame retardant, and antimicrobial treatment, Tintoria Piana’s applications serve multiple industries including apparel, hygiene, bedding, automotive, and furniture.

Sustainable innovation to replace polyurethane foam

Piana Nonwovens specializes in providing a sustainable moldable fiber product.

Using all types of natural, synthetic, regenerated, recycled fibers — including blends — we are able to thermally bond them into sheets of high-loft material for use across many industries and applications, including bedding, filtration, insulation, automotive, and furniture.

Piana Nonwovens’s digital printing technology adds performance and functionality, such as cooling and relaxation, to our nonwoven materials by infusing molecular compounds through the materials’ surface and into its substrate.

Infinitely customizable and compatible with other Piana Smart technologies, our high-loft nonwovens are nontoxic, and most importantly 100% recoverable at end of life for easy integration into circular economy models.

Upcycled fibers from post-industrial t-shirt and denim scrap

Recover, upcycle, reintroduce to the economy.

We take in shoddy fiber and treat it with our chemically safe flame-retardant process, applied in a closed-loop system without releasing anything into the environment.

Annually, Piana ECO Planet upcycles and diverts up to 20M pounds of fiber from landfills.  Our FR-treated fibers are used in the automotive industry for acoustic automotive interior applications that make cars safer and quieter, as well as in home appliances and the bedding industry. Most likely, you’re already riding safely with Piana Technology fibers formed into one or several interior components of your automobile. 

A platform for sleep & wellness that protects you and the planet

We started Piana Sleep™ to redefine what it means to get a good night’s rest.

Our sleep products—mattresses, pillows, and toppers—are incredibly breathable, free of nasty chemicals or odors, and are beyond comfortable. We bring the same level of sustainability and innovation to bed, with highly personalized and customizable products.

Serving both the hospitality and retail industries, our sleep products are circular by design, entirely free of foam, and 100% recoverable at end of life; a first for otherwise landfill-destined mattresses. Instead, we recycle all of our materials and give them new life, reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the planet from unnecessary waste.

Sustainable fiber-based technology molded into any shape

Complex shapes made simple, repeatable, and sustainable with custom molding technology.

Piana Shapes molds our sustainable fiber materials using our patented process that transforms common product geometries into complex shapes, opening a world of opportunities not previously possible in manufacturing. Complex shapes such as lightweight, durable automotive seats are made possible to replace the conventional wasteful and heavy seats, with the added benefits of being air-permeable, odor-free, and non-toxic.

From the specification of certified recycled fiber inputs to zero waste manufacturing processes and 100% recovery at end of life, Piana Shapes offers a sustainable family of products, tunable by application.

Products traditionally disposed of at the end of life can now be reimagined into endless opportunities.