Transforming industries.

Designed for sustainability, health, and tomorrow’s innovations. Smarter than foam in every way.


With even pressure point distribution, high air flow, and non-toxic materials, Piana’s V/SMART changes how we define comfort and rest. Embedded diagnostic biosensors and molecular printing reimagine the very idea of personalized sleep.
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Invented for maximum comfort with antiviral and antibacterial capabilities that make travel hygienic. 50% lighter than PU foam for fewer emissions and lower fuel consumption—upgrading planes, trains, and tomorrow’s personal vehicles.


E/SMART’s array of flexible integrated pressure sensors aid healthcare professionals with hospital beds able to identify pressure distribution, inflammation, early diagnosis, and more—while reducing the possibility of bedsores.


We envision the smart home of the future with unparalleled comfort customized to your lifestyle. E/SMART grows with the user, from dorm room to first apartment to family home. 100% recoverable when it’s time to upgrade.


From yoga mats and insoles that measure pressure and track balance to moisture managing garments with SaveDrop®—Piana's environmentally-friendly dyeing process—the future of activewear is here.
Our commitment to  sustainability
Piana Technology’s mission is sustainability. A fully circular economy where sustainable, regenerative textile technologies can replace wasteful single-use materials is possible. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, creating 100% recoverable products, and eliminating PU foam from our planet—it’s not just a goal, it’s why we exist.