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Sustainable textile technologies toward the replacement of foam
Necessity drives innovation. We envision a circular economy, zero waste future where recovery and reuse is standard practice. We believe there’s a better path forward if we embrace the human drive to innovate, without harming the planet in the process. Piana has been committed to sustainable solutions since we started in 1582—We’re just discovering solutions to new challenges.
Piana Technology is driven by a vision that we can transform industries with radically innovative technological advancements that upgrade and change as we do. We thrive on solving common problems with uncommon solutions. In 2021 we invented something entirely new — an infinitely adaptable material to meet the demands of the 21st century. The personalized, upgradable, circular economy-driven future awaits.
V/SMART is a replacement for polyurethane foam, a vertically lapped, high-loft nonwoven with incredible properties: Increased compressional and thermal resistance, reduced weight, and superior acoustic performance. It’s non-toxic, odor free, hygienic and 100% recyclable at end-of-life. Moldable to nearly any shape, this is the building block for our circular economy.
E/SMART is an innovative ecosystem powered by novel design, engineering and manufacturing processes that integrate circular design with high quality materials that can be molded via our patent pending processes to transform standard product geometries into complex shapes. Imagine a holistic world of sustainable, upgradeable fabric technology. (Re)shape your future with Piana.
Piana’s revolutionary M/SMART technology allows us to enhance everyday life with higher product functionality. Using large format digital printing capabilities, M/SMART products—such as the award-winning M/SMART Mattress Topper—are able to host a wide range of printed molecular chemistries such as temperature management, hygiene, relaxation, stress relief, healing, and high-quality sleep and recovery benefits customized to the user.
Imagine a fabric that changes colors when pathogens and/or biomarkers are detected. Simply put, masks and pillowcases that let users know when to see a doctor. That’s R/SMART technology—an integrated, minimally invasive, predictive diagnostic tool for the detection of pathogens and biomarkers through a low-cost biochemical analysis that triggers color change of the nonwoven fabric upon an antibody-antigen binding event.
Technology for the Modern World
Piana Technology is versatile by design, uniquely positioned to integrate into tomorrow’s innovations, wherever they may be.

Smarter than foam in every way and equipped with the latest molecular and biosensor technology, Piana can be utilized in Bedding, Transportation, Medical uses, Furniture, everyday Activewear, and much, much more.

Your imagination is the limit.